Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Worked IT show with Liyana, Huixuan, Serene, Wan, Zhenli and Bruce! It was really tiring but fun, I'm going to miss the people whom we worked with there, the nice supervisor, and the DJ at the brother's booth! All except that one girl who went around snatching people sales, the supervisor says he will never hire her again. The jokes they all made are still repeating in my head, especially the ones where they kept making fun of that girl opposite our booth for the whole 4 days LOL, karma max! Visit Huixuan/Terra's blog for more info! Thanks Bf, Mel, Jess and Shalini for finding me(:, and those that Huixuan brought to the booth!
For now it's back to slacking at home again D:, should find another job soon.

Suddenly found this photo from IT show in my phone, very blur though