Friday, September 17, 2010

Went for 2e4 gathering at JP just now, thanks Elmo and Michael for organising when Darrick's not here, but I wonder why Michael didn't turn up! Had NYNY for dinner, walked around aimlessly until we decided to L4d2 after half of the group left.
Oh and I rebonded my fringe and cut quite abit of my hair the day before, the person said my hair was too dry, split ends coming out etc etc so she layered and cut it thinner, there goes my months of hard work of keeping my hair all of the same length T.T! Hope it doesn't look like those xmm hairstyle, and it's all curling in different directions now >:(


Overdued post and photos from the Sentosa trip with family and relatives quite some time ago. Had fun on that day!

Sister and cousin.

3/4 of them!