Sunday, August 01, 2010

Out to town yesterday, had a really last minute short meet up with Joyce because something happened and she came find me there, thanks Bff once again!
Bf♥ then came after she left and we headed to Cathay to watch Tekken, tweeted about it already, not much storyline but the fighting scenes were nice! I want to watch Street Dance!
And I'm thinking of getting a new phone and but I can't really decide between the BB and Iphone D:


I think I bought this shoes on impulse yesterday, it's so freaking common, everywhere I go I see people wearing it =.=. I wish they had heels version of it though!

I know we had many arguments during the past few weeks, maybe because we always look at things differently and thus the misunderstandings, sorry for not being understanding when you needed me to. I just really hope things will get better during the next few days weeks months. ily.