Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ITP week 9, many things to update, and I won't blog about work this time! Kind of messed up this week because was planning to meet Gfs Kass and Joyce but we are always free on different days. Joyce needs advanced booking because her schedule is always full lol!
So after everything yesterday, last minute went meet Jess after work together with some of her classmates, been quite a long time since I last saw her, finally managed to catch up with her! Should meet up with the rest soon, Guo, Mel, Xx too!
Anyway! There's this shop in Cine that I forget to mention in my previous posts, its called The Editors Market, if I'm not wrong it opened quite recently, and I love their clothes! Meshes, high waists, dresses, tanktops, denims, accessories, bags etc etc all can be found inside. FCFC I'm quite sure you all will like it too!

Random but,
I want more clothes,
I want a new wallet,
I want new shoes,
I want new heels,
I want to change my hairstyle,
I want to do manicure/pedicure!

Decided to take out my tagboard because it died already, so if there's anything ask/tell me on my formspring (: , seriously anything.