Tuesday, September 09, 2008

lols got some joker call me at dunno what time in the morning and start talking without asking who am i, then i blur blur thought the voice is someone i noe so talk to him for awhile =.=, when the conversation get more and more weird, he finally realise he call wrong number, lol lahs so paiseh!

then 10am need go school for some thingy but overslept lols.
last min went for 1b21 bbq at ecp, all thanks to that lionel keep persuade me and help me pay abit de then i go lols, manage to pull shalini go also ahas! sry horhs annelis we din mean to ps you =x. then reach around ecp le we stop at wrong bus stop and have to walk all the way from bbq pit 40 plus to pit 20, like around 1h lah wtf my legs nearly break siol!
lazy continue liao lols.

went watch make it happen with sr, shanice, mh, emily.
abit sian but okok bahs hahas.