Thursday, September 11, 2008

job: sell door-to-door ice cream
pay: most prob is 30% of what you sell, daily paid! monthly bonus.


f1 event thingy from 26 - 28 sep.
job: serve people
pay: min 7/h
requirements: no piercings and if got dye hair must spray =.=
left a few slots.

interested please contact me =D!

job hunt with jess lols, went vivo gv and tried to find darrick, mad or yilei help us take form but they all not working, saw fonna but she like cant recognize us then we give up liao lols. then we walked all over vivo trying to find mel too cause she working there, but also find bu dao zzz lols.
so headed to ps try find job, decided to buy newspaper instead, and managed to find those 2 jobs hahas.
after that went cut hair at je, but like no diff. i onli noe now my hair machiam sai now =.=.