Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wy's 20th Birthday! (:

Jess's 21st Birthday! (:

Hi I'm back! Many things happen, maybe because I mia-ed too long here!
Broke up with that guy, got really depressed, lost my mood to do anything, and 1 month just passed like that already. I really must thank my friends and family who were there for me during that whole time, Shalini, Huixuan Liyana, Jessica, Guoting, Melanie, Annelis and 2e4 people! I think I would have been even more depressed without them!
For now, I've thought through it, moved on, and feeling much better now already, so to those who were worried, don't worry anymore! (:
Working at thefaceshop in tampines mall now, requested to transfer to town outlets and everyone thinks I'm crazy because tampines is much nearer! My reason for it kind of stupid too, I just like working in town LOL =x, maybe I should think twice because sales has been very good in TM D:
And I should really start going back to driving before my ftt expires D:, and register for SIM soon! Most probably going to take the same course as Guo (: