Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caught the movie Life As We Know It with FCFC except wy just now. We were laughing nearly all the way, really nice movie!
Anyways, today is the third day of our last fyp semester in school! So far it was okay I guess, had 1h of lesson on the first day, didn't have school the day before, and another 1h of lesson today, maybe it's only the first week, kind of missed the school days where the timetable was more normal actually! It's like pointless going to school for just 1h of lessons eh?

6th monthsary with Bf yesterday! (:
We finally got our contacts after ordering it 3 months ago =/. My eyeballs were too small so the blue contacts was abit too big for me as you can see from the picture, Bf's one looked normal!


Took this quite some time ago, I was happy to see it showing 37kg instead of 35 =x.