Friday, August 21, 2009

Went Paya Lebar find Shenglong at 12, nearly couldnt wake up, in the end we went all the way back to JP! 3 plus headed to Bugis with Jess, shopped, went for job interview together at Laselle, wanted walk to city hall after that because Jess says she know the way, kept saying just walk straight walk straight can reach there already, but halfway we got lost and realised we ended up in Little India, lols cute arh! Mrt-ed back to JP at night find Shenglong and his friends watch Where Got Ghost, while Jess went find her other friend at Aljunied. Went home alone after the movie and was falling asleep in the Mrt, the next thing i knew i was in Clementi! So I had to get off and re take the train to back JE =.=, really tiring but fun day:)!