Monday, June 29, 2009

The paper today really sucks! Blanks there and here, fell asleep halfway, hope still can pass hahas. Anyways Mel had nothing better to do today, so she prank called me and i really got pranked!

Melanie: May i speak to Rachel please?
Me: Yes?
Melanie: I'm calling from SP school department, SP will be closed for a week from tomorrow onwards because there are a few h1n1 cases in the school already.
Me: So no school from tomorrow onwards? (I was really happy =.=!)
Melanie: Yes.
Me: Then exams leh?
Melanie:Your commontest(LOL she say wrongly!), will be postponed to next week.
Me:Oh... (still dint notice)
Melanie: You dun realise anything meh?(laughing to herself liao)
Think think think... and finally
Me: You sound very familiar leh!
Mel: Huh? I'm calling from the student department. you have a lecturer name Mr Tan right?
Me: No! Melanie!

She pranked a few people and I was the only dumbo who believed wth!