Friday, August 29, 2008

supposed to meet jess at je at 12, but late 1/2h while she late one and a half lols.
went far east shop, 5 plus go orchard mrt find guo, then tgt went find mel at the it show at suntec. walk around, saw many familiar people working there also zzz, so regret not working T.T.
jess went off shortly after so me and guo go marina walk around while waiting for mel to end her work, 9 went back suntec, then went mac with mel and her friends after they pack up, 11 plus mrt-ed home.
so long never go out with them liao hahas.
ate chocolate, ljs etc etc todae, i think my cough + sorethroat + flu no need recover liao lols.

guo and jess!

guo, mel and zq!

my si dog go bite one hole in the shirt i just bought, i haven even wear it yet sial wtf!
she act innocent nia =.=!