Sunday, June 29, 2008

work with zh, emily, shanice, sr, jw, jh, raymond etc etc. then furthur seperated into smaller grps.
2 of them got caught slacking, so next week im only left with 6 slots wtf!
jess and zx dint work todae zzz.
then a few mins before work end lil india suddenly heavy rain =.=! the bangalas sitting on the fields jitao chiong in diff directions lols!

all hiding in shelter hahas.

guoting: lols kkays ill try! now 10 slot become 6 liao idk whther still can zz.
yicheng: see i update liao! not dead :D
jess: horh you the turban right! keep pinch my arm last wk omgs, heng no blue black lols!
clifford: hellos! long time no see you liao hahas.
melanie: of course hahas! mst finish can meet up liao :D!