Monday, April 28, 2008

was late 20mins for school todae, the traffic jam fault lols. after school go see the cca thingy with annelis and shalini, sp have the weirdest ccas =.=, most prob joining hip hop with guoting hahas. anyone in sp wans to join? i dun wan to be loner again zzz.
walk around the time saw zx terry km emily, crapped with them awhile hahas! then saw guoting, she keep say i see through her lols! then saw michael, call him the time he nvr reply then gave me his blur look hahas! after that saw kh jiahui, kh gave me a super lol face! why everyone so funi todae lols.
i still miss secondary school days =(.

joyce: no lah i din go mos! went another one lols.
guoting: woohoo see you nxt nxt wk hahas!
feli: kkays hahas:D
shalini: lols! got too many archives liao hahas.
jinghui: wanted mahjong with you jus now but you afk hahas!
jess: ha norhs, used to shopping with you nearly every wk T.T.
xx: its been so long since i saw you lols.
melanie: wah before i read your tag i realli go reply that sentence lols! weird like wear school u go poly arh hahas!