Saturday, December 29, 2007

im back!
hahas had fun at de chalet.
supposed to b a 4day3nite de xtend till 5day4nite omg.. so jus stayed till 4th day =.=.

midnite cycling rox!
lols cycled from aloha loyang all de way to changi village n och n bak 2 de chalet zzz.
v tiring but it was fun hahas.

den dey told ghost stories which gave me goosebumps.. couldnt slp de whole nite after dat T.T.
lol de scary part was when darrick was telling us a door ghost story..
he used de toilet door as n example so he knocked on it a few times when suddenly de door realli opened itself wtf.
every1 screamed lyk mad! i was lyk laughing n scared tio at de same time =.=.
den tis michael hu was sitting beside him tried to kick darrick into de toilet omg lols.
he den kicked open de door n........ phew dere was nth inside =.=.

lazy write on le lols.
anyway no fotos 4 now cos i didnt take any.. hav 2 wait for de rest 2 send.