Saturday, October 06, 2007

first 3 periods eng so decided 2 late wid mel guo huzier jh..
ate breakfast wid dem plus ym n edison at mac b4 dat.. lols huzier had 2 watch us eat.
den when guoting bought her ice milo de time dey go add chilli inside =.=..
after dat play dat duno wad game den loser hav 2 drink dat milo + chilli zzz.. awhile later dey go add lemon tea n de tea bag inside omg.. de taste is lyk wow! heng didnt lost many time lol.
wlao went bak skul dey continued de game T.T! fortunately i didnt lose anymore times liao muaha.

2dae "last day" of skul liao so every1 was takin fotos hahs.. many more 4get ask dem send.. other day den upload.

losl i duno wads he doing

olivia said she got pimple so she covered her face =.=

our form cher say mus clean table by 2dae if not he will call us 2 clean it on de day we hav our o lvl i tink.. n he say especially mine. wtf?

helo majority of de vandalism was not done by me lor T.T!

halfway thru... n 2 lazy 2 continue.