Wednesday, September 12, 2007

went retake bio prac 2dae wid de pure physics pple -.-.
duno which kns cher ask me go skul at 12pm retake den reach liao she nowhere 2 b found.
hai me go open physics lab 1&2 de door when dey were givin out papers de time.. every1 de face was lyk huh?
walk around den saw our bio cher n she asked me come bak at 2 to retake at de bio lab instead.. !!!!!
so waited outside bio lab at 2 but now her turn to go missing wtf!?
den 1 person came runing up 2 me n told me 2 go bak 2 physics lab again.. ROAR!!!

by de time went in de physics pple started their prac liao zz..
chionged in 2 start my bio n realised dey gave me de worsest bunsen burner n lighter ive eva seen lols.. keep clicking de lighter but still no fire..
de physics pple started turning bak.. lols dey mus b either b thinking y physics prac nid lighter or i duno how 2 start a bunsen burner =.=!

n im still sick zzz...