Monday, August 20, 2007

after skul eat zu cao wid xx gt mel den chiong bak 2 skul 4 eng oral.. deirs all over liao xcept mine zz.
toked alot crap n i guess out of point cos dey asked me so many qns.. 1 of de examinar was even yawning when i reading n tokin de time wtf?!
erm i guess is either i was one of de last few so she felt bored alreadi or de way i tok realli makes pple feel lyk slping T.T
after dat walkin down de time so suay c dao dm n he started comparing my uniform 2 a sec 5 one whose attire was v de neat zzz. lol but i tink he 2 tired 2 scold or smth cos b4 dat he was oso catchin other pple =.=