Wednesday, March 01, 2006

sian sia jessica nvr come 2dae not fun sia lolz.. but she missed out smth nice.. 2dae de 1min presentation tis rs v pro.. as she read ar.. got super alot of patterns.. n muz got slang 1 -.-".. lamer.. den de mrs wong say v gd.. lyke dat oso can.. -.-".. sian sia after recess den muz c LG face.. 2 period somemore.. halfway thru i fell asleep liao.. but not onli me sia hahaz.. alot of dem oso slping lol.. den at de end of de lesson she purpoesly say" nxt lesson i wan 2 c every1 prepared 4 my lesson n i don wan 2 c pple slping when im teaching.. but hu wun slp during her period.. -.-".. omg de a maths test i don even noe how 2 do a single question.. n not enuf time somemore den nvr do finish.. zzz... after skool chiong go bus stop take bus go science centre.. duno y darrick disappear so fast after bell rang.. cannot find him sia.. lolz at de bus every1 try 2 squeeze inside de bus den tis si zh keep push n push.. wa lao.. -.-".. hahaz go science centre saw jessica.. chio sia she.. wear sunglasses lolz.. her hair oso super v sian lor de person keep doin experiments non stop.. but she off all de lights de time damn fun.. i run from my place 2 jessica dere den when de lights off again i run bak 2 my seat.. omg den i sit dere de teacher suddenly walk pass saw me.. heng nvr scold me lolz.. stupid sia when dey ask 4 some1 2 come up help demostrate den all sabo me.. grrr.. wa lao dey say 4.30 end bcome 15 mins late.. after dat went eat at mcdonalds den go play de things dere.. lol wa lao dey go play de fireball again.. zh bian tai 1 turn him so many times he don even feel abit giddy.. lol de herman, wt, joyz n mx all nearly faint sia hahaz.. den dey all keep pulling me go play.. heng i nvr sia.. cos turn 1 round i sure vomit liao.. -.-'.. play till bout 6 plus.. reach home at bout 7.. stupid sia so much hw.. 2morrow still got a maths CT.. g2g lerz bb..