Wednesday, February 15, 2006

wa lao 2dae first 2 periods of bio our class kanna scolded by mrs wee till lyke kns.. she angry till cancel de test don let us do practical n even say don wan teach us anymore wan ask other teacher teach.. wtf.. she oso go confiscate kaisi de hp cos she smsing during her lesson but after skool gave bak.. wa lao eng de time tis mrs wong tokin halfway i fell asleep den she duno whether purpoesly or wad call me answer question..den i blur blur duno wth she askin.. made me keep quiet 4 so long den every1 stare at me.. -.-".. zzz.. after dat pe play volleyball again. play till hand pain lyke kns den tis ms agnes c me say i of cos pain la cos i only got skins n bones.. -.-".. after recess during physics den got de siren cos 2dae total defence day.. den ms foo teaching halfway de thuraisingam suddenly tok at de speaker dere den some of us laugh till lyke kns lolz.. after she tok finish we all clap hand lol! but not only we lame sia.. other class oso clap lolz.. wa lao after dat got chinese test only got 50mins 2 do den 20mins i go slp.. really v sian lor.. n i duno wth de passage tokin.. de cloze passage v kns lor.. de answer nid write number den i go write word.. 0 straight away.. wth.. after skool go eat den come bak dey hav 2 go 4 geog thingy i stand dere wait 4 dem.. den saw kass came out of de hall after finishing her taf club thingy.. wa lao den she use de badminton racket so smelly she go rub her hand at my shirt.. lol wa lao my shirt all de racket smell.. after their geog we alll go library play dere play here wa lao all keep pinching me.. wait all blue black i come find dem.. after dat go buy bubble tea den went home.. sianz 2morrow got ss test g2g lerz bb..