Wednesday, February 08, 2006

lol wa lao 2dae de mrs wee duno whether hav pms or wad.. she chao angry wid almost every class 2dae.. -.-".. de cheeyang nvr fix her laptop properly den she shout at him till lyke kns ask him sit at 1 corner.. pple late she scold dem ask dem stand at de side den pple juz put their head on de table she ask dem stand at 1 corner oso.. o.O.. she so angry till don wan let us do practical.. -.-".. hahaz eng so shuang 2dae can go library play dere play here.. den i go borrow de thinnest book cos i lazy read... don even intend 2 read it.. borrow liao nxt day return.. wa kao pe nid run 2 rounds sia den i overtime by 2s -.-".. wa lao my shirt tuck out onli tis ms agnes call me down 20.. grrr... do infront of whole class somemore.. suks man.. wahaha physics ms foo nvr come teach again den whole 2 lesson tok and play.. de jessica go tok 2 rs again den duno tok till where she say got over 10 guyz zui her.. bu yao lian -.-".. wa lao rs got msn sia! every1 muz add her hor hahaz! especially km lolz.. ermmmm a v niceee email address.. dance -.-".. lolz wa lao during chinese period de kaisi hp rang.. she accidentally press her mp3.. lolz den every1 ask teacher confiscate but she say give 1 more chance hahaz.. wa sian after skool got e maths remedia.. tis mdm khaw ask me go up write answer den she wan me write at de top of de whiteboard wth.. den i say i so short how 2 reach she ask me tip toe -.-".. de rest worse.. ask me go stand on de chair. wa lao! den i write de answer chao big till eat into other pple space she ask me rewrite.. den i write smaller but chao untidy she ask me rewrite again.. so i v fed up liao den i go write de qn no. super big den de answer small small 1.. den she say if she everytime ask me go up write answer 1 day i sure grow taller.. wad nonsense is tis.. -.-".. after remedia go eat but de shop closed den juz go drink bubble tea.. went home chiong go eat cup noodles.. omg 2morrow got a maths test nid sketch graph.. shyt larz.. i don even understand a single bit of it.. g2g lerz bb..