Tuesday, January 24, 2006

wa lao 2dae de e maths test so difficult.. kns.. all duno how 2 do.. darrick pro sia get 22/25.. highest in class... den got bout 16 pple fail.. shyt la.. wait me how.. sian kanna scolded by mdm khaw till lyke siao.. ask me question duno how 2 answer muz get so ji dong 1 mehz..-.-".. muahaha 2dae de physics test postpone 2 nxt week.. heng sia.. didnt really study 4 it.. haiz 2morrow got bio test.. and 2dae got chem again.. lolz de ms chen chew lesson no1 bother 2 listen..-.-".. some even take out hp infront of her take photo she oso dun care.. o.O.. pro... everytime tok and tok non stop.. in de end everythin she teach is from de notes..-.-".. v sian lor.. hav 2 go bak study ourselves.. but ar her lesson oso not bad lar.. can do anythin u wan.. if got alot hw juz do during her lesson can liaoz.. haiz 2dae went bak so early.. tis 3e2 got e geog remedia den onli we few went eat.. didnt wait 4 dem cos tis joyz nid rush home do her painting.. reach home got shocked cos my house suddenly kanna decorated wid so many CNY thingy.. -.-".. zzzz... nth 2 write ler g2g bbbbzzz..