Thursday, January 19, 2006

no time 2 type so much 2daez... got so many tests and hw sia... kns darrick nvr come 2 skool 2dae so sian.. lol alot hw waitin 4 him.. 2morrow got A maths test..zzz... wa lao de teacher so lame..cme oso muz give hw do.. duno 4 wad use sia cme..waste time waste money waste yer thinking... -.-"... after skool some of dem went 4 art den left me mx kass jx herman go eat.. eat liao den go buy bubble tea.. buy liao den went home..same pattern almost everyday.. tis mx wan go jp but no1 wan folo her lolz.. den in de end don wan go liaoz..hahaz... she torture me sia.. make me carry books for her.. f5... g2g lerz bbbbbbzzzzz..