Friday, January 27, 2006

wa 2dae so shuang.. every1 wear home clothes.. new principal change can wear home clothes lolz.. den got fan-making competition.. lol 3e2 won.. got mdm khaw helping dem hahaz.. she pro 1 lolz... de performance heng nvr go.... so sianz.... went 2 help mrs lee.. at least beta.. kns sia if we go watch sure sleep.. den all de home econ pple went up go watch awhile.. den suddenly got thuran singan tokin.. every1 all chiong out haha! she go tok bout education system lol.. heng i not dere.. den after awhile went up 2 specially watch rs in de chinese dance.. lol de zx de face when rs hav 2 dance wid her .. so funnyz.. hahahaahahahaha.. den we all at de back of de hall laugh till lyke kns.. ronald solo sia.. so pro.. after chinese dance we all ran out of de hall liao.. performance end liao all de teachers came down 2 home econ room.. dey eat finish de leftovers den we all eat.. f5.. after we eat still nid wash.. wash till my hand all smell of curry.. er xin.. sianz.. 2dae de movie cancel.. change 2 2morrow go kbox.. but juz heard from elmo say de kbox charge dem 20++ for eahc person.. siao.. den dey say bcos peak hour.. -.-".. went home at bout 3 plus so sian.. duno wad 2 do.. den went slp till 7 plus.. so shocked at de time when i woke up..-.-".. at first alreadi planned 2 watch xiaohaibuben2 wid her den in de end she went out.. so sianz.. haiz nth 2 wirte lerz bb..